Ms. Fajer Rabia Pasha, Executive Director of Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE)

Name : Fajer Rabia Pasha

JobTitle : Executive Director

Organization : PAGE



Fajer Rabia is an innovative, passionate and highly experienced social entrepreneur, demonstrating an unwavering commitment towards creating social change through Education and Entrepreneurship. With 17 years of experience in setting up and leading social enterprises in England and Pakistan, currently, she is leading Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education – PAGE as the Executive Director. She has made remarkable progress towards molding the organization into a platform that can align the synergies of various different stakeholders in the field of education in Pakistan and Globally. A number of new programs including Online Teachers Trainings, capacity building of organisations, non formal education programs for girls Out of School, National Girls Mentoring program and International Scholarships are some of the programs set up under her leadership.

PAGE aims to engage all public and private stakeholders to achieve the following objectives:

Practical implementation of Article 25-A “Right to Education” of the constitution and the enforcement of compulsory education of all children of age 5-16.
Bridging the gender gap in education by establishing girls-friendly schools, community participation, mentoring, and career counseling.
Better governance of the education system and enhanced government spending on education
Improved quality of teaching and learning material
Stimulating innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in the education sector


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