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Soft Skills for Engineers
Leadership Programme for Engineers to Develop a Positive Can Do Attitude

Registered Engineers & Professional Engineers are eligible to get 1.0 CPD

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Message from Chairman PEC

My Dear Fellow Engineers and Students,

The world needs engineers, designers and manufacturers with vision. To be the best we all need to be leaders, good communicators and team-players with a command of soft skills and a Can Do attitude.

Our aim is to find and give you the best opportunities for your growth and a successful future. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that we are bringing together an internationally recognized Leadership Programme called YP2G (Your Passport 2 Grow) in collaboration with MindFit Ltd, UK and Knowledge Now Pakistan, which is designed and structured to help engineers to develop a more Positive Can Do Attitude with a minimum engagement required on digital space, ensuring we quantifiably measure and track your behavioural shifts through daily practice and reflection.

It's now up to you to take action and grab the opportunity. This programme is going to make you mindfit and equally equip you with all the rquired tools to take right decision at the right time in your personal, professional, family and social life. Needless to mention, this programme will prove to be a catalyst in your career advancements.

I wish you all the best of luck in your career endeavors.


Engr Jawed Salim Qureshi
Chairman PEC Pakistan

Message for PEC Members & Engineering Students of Pakistan from Global Chairman YP2G Mr. Neville Gaunt
Country Head YP2G Ali Jafri with
Engr Jawed Salim Qureshi
Engr Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Sheikh
Additional Registrar,PEC
Engr BinteZahra
Assistant Registrar,PEC
Mr.Mukhtar PS to Chairman, PEC on launching ceremony of YP2G at PEC Islamabad


This programme has been designed to engage engineers to better understand and implement soft skills in the work environment through practice and doing small actions,which takes less than 10 minutes of your time on daily basis.

At YP2G, we have taken Top 10 identified Employability Skills, researched by STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Network) which confirms what employers look for in potential employees - that means you! The programme can help you and/or your company's engineers to improve their soft skills.

Course type: Self-paced

Eligible for Certificate: Yes

CPD Hours : 1.0 from PEC

Price: Registered Engineer & Professional Engineer : PKR 2,000

Engineering Student: : PKR 1,500/-

  Programme Highlights :

15 Days Online Programme

Takes only 15 - 20 minutes a day

Online Scenario Assessments

STEM Quizzes

Live Webinars

Maintain Your Dynamic Action Glossary to track your To - Do List

Creates and stores a personal profile, including academic and personal achievements

Auto CV Builder keeping track of your Soft Skills transcripts for employers to further cross check

International Certificate from MindFit UK

Traingle of Success

Suitable for engineering students, fresh graduates and young professionals; that is Registered and Professional Engineers (REs & PEs) with 1.0 CPD .   Graduate


The only successful attitude change and soft skills improvement programme designed for young people now available in Pakistan.

Global Chairman YP2G Nevile GauntGlobal Chairman of YP2G, Mr. Neville Gaunt with President Arif Alvi
Global Chairman YP2G Nevile Gaunt


YP2G guarantees you improve your CAN DO Attitude and become more employable !!

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An exclusive interview with Mr. Neville Gaunt, Chairman YP2G and CEO MindFit Ltd. UK on PTV World (Pakistan)

Country Head Pakistan - Ali Jafri talking about the need among youth to develop the positive attitude at PTV Home Breakfast@Home Morning Show

Don't have a work experience !!


Now Employers could consider your YP2G Certificate as good as a work experience - infact better than any internship or other work experience because with the completion of this programme you become what they are looking for - that is a CAN DO PERSON

YP2G is an interactive digital classroom that is utilising Mind Fit?s proven process of learning, exploring and doing - turning E-Learning to E-Doing

The programme is structured in a manner to equally give you work experience which otherwise you might have to gain through a proper internship with some organization.

Employers love this as you may want to read few testimonials from our recent graduates and how they have taken full advantage from the programme certificate to get a good job by convincing their prospective employers to consider the time spent on YP2G as a work experience.

This platform helps you Develop a Living CV based on your Scenario Assessments. The programme takes you through number of scenario assessments and you need to close numerous actions which helps you to practice all those skills that every corporate is looking for. The more you practice the more experience you gain to become a Can Do person.

The YP2G online programme is digital and scalable. Students will:

  • Create and store a personal profile, including academic and personal achievements
  • Identify skills and skills gaps and how to close the gaps
  • Assess current abilities by the STEM "Quiz" with action based challenges
  • Develop personal 'Can-Do' attitudes - "The Brand of Me ? Mindfit Mindset"

Enrolled Students after completion of their programme will also be eligible to work for YP2G as preferred Management Trainees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You need to visit and click on Register Me Now. After inserting the required info, you would require to process the payment by clicking on Buy Now.

Ans: There are number of payment options available, such as:

  • - Credit Card Payment: We accept all credit cards and debit cards issued from major banks in Pakistan to process your payment and instantly open the dashboard. However, debit cards from some banks may require further verification or prior intimation to the bank before processing them online through the website.
  • - Bank Transfer to HBL Account: You could easily transfer the amount to given HBL account details through online banking and/or equally go to any HBL branch and deposit the amount manually.
  • - Easypaisa/Jazzcash: You may transfer the amount via Telenor easypaisa cash or JazzCash on the given mobile account number at Buy Now section of the page.

Ans: After making the payment via Bank Transfer/Easypaisa or JazzCash, you would need to upload the proof of payment by visiting -- > login with the credentials you had provided during registration and click on Buy Now to further click on Upload Proof of Payment

Ans: The dashboard of the programme opens up as soon as your payment process is completed and approved. Henceforth, the clock starts from the same day and you would be required to finish the programme within fifteen (15) days from the time it starts.

Ans: No! It?s a self-pace digital online programme, where you manage the programme activities based at your own convenience. However, we highly recommend that you login on daily basis and spend less than 10 minutes to reflect and complete any pending activity and/or close the assigned action(s).

Ans: Overall the Leadership Programme is divided into Six (6) Parts and we are offering 10 competency skills identified by STEM to improve your soft skills and attitudes. In each part we are covering five (5) different competencies, where you will be learning to improve those skills through certain activities enabling you to practice them through:

  • - Scenario Quizzes
  • - Actions
  • - Getting feedback from external stake holders

Once you enroll into the programme after making the payment, you will be given a step by step guidance kit, under the tab "How It Works"

Ans: After finishing the programme, the system will generate an online Certificate duly endorsed by PEC for 1.0 CPD against Part 1 of this programme. This is also an international certificate endorsed by MindFit Ltd. UK.

Ans: You have the provision to generate a request for additional nominal charges to get the hardcopy of the certificate to be printed and dispatched to you via courier at your home address in Pakistan.