Neville Gaunt

Mr.Neville Gaunt
Chairman YP2G and CEO Mindfit Ltd,UK

Your Passport 2 Grow UK

(Changing the lives of young people)

We're delighted to present our online and interactive course that is purely focused on helping you get the best job by developing and improving your attitude and soft skills.

YP2G's course, content and structure is unique and designed by Global Experts on Behavioural Waste™ Management from the UK. The content includes attitude and behaviour change programs plus part of the flagship program, Reality–Driven Leadership™ from Mind Fit Ltd based in the UK.

Purpose of the Course: To help young people develop the right attitude and skills to improve their employability. Changing the attitude and fortunes of generations of young people.

So the question is:

  • Do you want to change your behavior and your attitude towards problems you face on a daily basis?
  • Do you want be an expert in your chosen profession?
  • Do you want to be a Can–Do person, be the best you can be?

Why You should enrol in YP2G: There is a global problem that needs fixing. Young people gain some of the critical life and soft skills plus academic qualifications from the education system, however many employability skills (soft skills) are not taught or developed at school or university. You may have had years of training doing Maths but how have you had lessons every week on Communication, Teamwork, Negotiation? These (STEM) skills are the ones wanted by employers, and are key in developing future entrepreneurs. YP2G knows what you need to develop and will help you identify your gaps and what's needed to take you on a journey of improvement. Why improvement? That's easy, because you already do all of these skills in everyday life – but you may not know it plus we'll show you how to do them better.

The Course in Outline:

  • One year Online Program
  • Revolutionary 3 Keys to Success Program – MindFit Mindset, Money Management, Marketing Mastery
  • 20-30 Minutes (everyday) – Learn, Assess and Act
  • Online Courses, Live Webinars and Interactive Lectures
  • Online Assessments / STEM(STEAM) quizzes
  • Two Live interactive sessions every month with the Architect of YP2G and CEO of MindFit Ltd, UK
  • Maintain your Dynamic Action Glossary to track your Actions–To–Do list – Remember Practice Makes Permanent!
  • Suitable for every university student, fresh graduate and young professional
  • Revision webinars
  • Optional local events – dates and costs to be advised

Learn through a proven and guaranteed methodology to improve your positive attitude and become more of a Can–Do Person to excel in life.


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