90 days that changed my life | Neville's corner interview with Mishaim Majeed a YP2G Graduate
Name : Mishaim Majeed
JobTitle : Student at NUST
Organization : NUST University

One of our recent graduates Ms. Mishaim Majeed, who found the YP2G programme as a life changing experience, spoke about her learning at Neville's Corner. Mishaim is a student of National University of Sciences and Technology – NUST Islamabad, and currently doing her bachelors in Accounting and Fin...

Interview with Mr. Kai Grunwitz | Senior Vice President EMEA NTT Security
Name : Kai Grunwitz
JobTitle : Senior Vice President EMEA
Organization : NTT Security

Kai Grunwitz is an innovative and established executive conceptualizing, developing and driving business strategies on for dynamic enterprises with 25 years of experience in the industry and various leadership roles. After finishing University with the German Degree of a “Diplom-Kaufmann” (comp...

Ali Jafri talking about the need among youth to develop the positive attitude at PTV Home Breakfast@Home Morning Show
Name : Ali Jafri
JobTitle : Country Head Pakistan
Organization : YP2G

Program : Breakfast@home Channel: PTV Home Host : Mr. Tauseeq Haider Guest: Mr. Ali Jafri Country Head YP2G Ali Jafri spoke about the need among youth to remain focused in life to genuinely make an effort to develop the positive attitude. In context to Pakistan's employment and corporate...

An exclusive interview with Mr. Neville Gaunt, Chairman YP2G and CEO MindFit Ltd. UK on PTV World (Pakistan)
Name : Neville Gaunt
JobTitle : Chairman
Organization : YP2G

An exclusive interview with Mr. Neville Gaunt, Chairman YP2G and CEO MindFit Ltd. UK on PTV World (Pakistan) Program: Diplomatic Enclave Host : Mr. Omar Khalid Butt Mr. Gaunt spoke in great length about his experience in travelling world over and how he found a huge gap between Attitude and Ski...

Future careers of young people and the behavioural waste that stops it | Neville Gaunt an exclusive interview on Pakistan TV - PTV Home
Name : Neville Gaunt
JobTitle : CEO
Organization : YP2G

If you are a Parent, Teacher, Young Student, Young Graduate or Professional, Please Watch Mr. Neville Gaunt talking about how to overcome your mental block to become more of a Can Do Person in life.... Learn The Small Tips given by a Global Expert on PTV . Watch Neville Gaunt, global expert talking...

An Interview with Mr. Zafar Osmani @ Neville's Corner | YP2G
Name : Zafar Aziz Osmani
JobTitle : CEO
Organization : Excelerate

Zafar Osmani is a well renowned, seasoned business professional and carries vast management and leadership experience spanning over thirty years. In his career, Zafar has served prominent organizations in senior management and leadership capacities in the Human Resources, Organization Developme...

Interview with a teacher promoting design education | Mr. Lefteris Heretakis | @Neville's Corner
Name : Lefteris Heretakis
JobTitle : Teacher
Organization :

He is a designer and a lecturer and has been designing since the mid 1990’s in various roles as an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and art director. Began teaching in 2009 and have since developed a passion for the role of drawing in design education Towards this aim, he is developing ...

An interview with Fatima Asad-Said
Name : Fatima Asad-Said
JobTitle : Regional Director
Organization : Abacus Consulting

Watch an exclusive interview with *Fatima Asad-Said @Neville's Corner* She is a Regional Director of AbacusConsulting, a leading international professional services firm offering cutting edge technology, outsourcing  and consulting solutions to clients across three continents. A must watch inte...

Kamran Rizvi renowned inspirational speaker @ Neville's Corner
Name : Kamran Rizvi
JobTitle : Founding Director
Organization : School of Leadership

Kamran Rizvi Founding Director of School of Leadership Kamran Rizvi brings with him a wealth of cross-cultural management and leadership experience, having worked in Europe, South Asia and the Middle East for over three decades. Kamran has mostly served clients across Pakistan in a range of sect...

Julie Stevens, Interior Designer & Stylist | Professional Speaker @ Neville's Corner
Name : Julie Stevens
JobTitle : Founder & CEO
Organization : YOUNIQUE

Interior Designer & Stylist | Professional Speaker | Tutor | Creator of Happy Homes & spaces that reflect the UNIQUE YOU Younique Designs serves both commercial and residential design clients. Her earlier career was spent in the UK and Europe providing bespoke office interior solutions to Goldm...

Paul Andrews, Radio Broadcaster UK at Neville's Corner
Name : Paul Andrews
JobTitle : Founder & CEO
Organization : Jobs in Kent and Business Bunker Radio

A serial entrepreneur, businessman & mentor who is passionate about SME businesses and the business community.He also manages one of the largest Regional Internet Recruitment Portals.A Business Radio Show Presenter & Producer and President Kent Deaf Children's Society  ...

Interview with Ali Qasim, Founder Inspirem | YP2G - Neville's Corner
Name : Ali Qasim
JobTitle : Founder & CEO
Organization : Inspirem

Ali Qasim is a Founder and CEO of Inspirem, Karachi Pakistan. He is also an alumni of our Masterclass, Behavioural Waste Management...