Stop wishing and start doing! How about start CAN DOING !!
Mr. Neville Gaunt talking about the importance of developing Can Do attitude, rephrasing Start Doing with a minor tweak by emphasizing, "Start CAN DOING... "

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What turns you into becoming a Can't Do Person
As a child we are always excited, inquisitive and enthusiastic to take challenges and perform every task. What happens as we progress and grow , we lose that curiosity . Find out in this quick video snippet.
While hiring a new person, what does an employer look for ?
Is it really a degree that employers are looking at while hiring a person. Find out in this short snippet the answer to this important question. They are looking for ..... Watch the Video!!
Why do graduates with accomplished grades and degrees do not get a good job as compare to someone who has not achieved good grades, yet still manages to find a good job ?
Businesses all across the globe are constantly looking for someone who is work ready from day one with a Can Do Attitude than coming back to them saying I can't Do this or please teach me how do to this work. They are looking for a sort of plug-in play profile. How do you develop such a profile ?? Watch this quick snippet!!