Term And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

"Ambassador" means an individual or business with an established presence in the marketplace, recognized as a leader and influencer in their field of operations. They will be generating their own social media traffic. Ambassadors are rewarded by knowing they are making a difference and through their unique affiliate reference for legitimate sales, leads, clicks, or other measurable action.

Ambassador and Owner are referred to as a "Party" or referred to together as "Parties".


  • It is understood that you will introduce products and services of the Owner to your current and prospective customers.
  • Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any prospective customers and will pay you a commission per customer referred according to the designated payment schedule.


The Ambassador is permitted to place links on their social media and website to social media and websites of the Owner.

The Ambassador Program may be amended or terminated at any time.

The Ambassador must comply with the requirements of the Ambassador Program including in particular any stipulations as to the nature and content of the Ambassador's web site and the use of third party or other Ambassadors' trademarks and logos.


  • The term of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of Your Ambassador Program application.
  • You are only eligible to earn Commission Fees on Qualified Purchases occurring during the term, and Commission Fees earned through the date of termination will remain payable only if the orders for the related Products and Services are not cancelled and comply with all Terms laid out in this Agreement.


The Owner and Ambassadors will have access to confidential information furnished or obtained in connection with the product or service; Parties will maintain and protect the confidentiality of such information to the greatest extent possible; and that they will share such information only to the extent necessary to make employment decisions or to respond to inquiries or notices from government entities.


Ambassadors are persons of high integrity, trusted and their personal reputation is important. The rules in the attached Appendix maintain that high integrity and personal values.


  • Owner takes full responsibility for any claim that our use of the Ambassador Trademarks infringes on any trademark, trade name, service mark, copyright, license, intellectual property, or other proprietary right of any third party.
  • You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless for any of your actions that may affect the Owner and other Ambassadors, and their directors, officers, employees, agents, shareholders, partners, members, and other owners, against any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) (any or all of the foregoing hereinafter referred to as "Losses") insofar as such Losses (or actions in respect thereof) arise out of or are based on:
    • Any misrepresentation of a representation or warranty or breach of a covenant and agreement made by you herein.
    • Any claim related to your site, including, without limitation, its development, operation, maintenance and content therein not attributable to us.


  • Owner may modify any of the terms and conditions in this Agreement at any time at its sole discretion.
  • In such event, you will be notified by phone and confirmed via email. Modifications may include, but are not limited to changes in the payment procedures and Ambassador Program rules.
  • Your continued participation in the Ambassador Program following the posting of the change notice or new Agreement on our site will indicate your agreement to the changes.


  • You will receive a Commission for sending the Owner authorized sales.
  • Payment commission will be 10% per candidate enrollment from the total amount charged to each candidate, either annually or monthly.
  • Introductions to groups of multiple candidates such as organisations, universities and including sponsorship must be discussed before an approach is made and agree a commission prior to contacting the group.
  • Payments are made on the twentieth (20th) day of each month when your account balance reaches minimum $100 or more for the previous months' transactions.


  • The term "Confidential Information" shall mean the Work Product and any and all information relating to the Company's business, including, but not limited to, research, developments, product plans, products, services, diagrams, formulae, processes, techniques, technology, firmware, software, know-how, designs, ideas, discoveries, inventions, improvements, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customers, suppliers, markets, marketing, finances disclosed by Owner directly or indirectly in writing, orally or visually, to Ambassador. Confidential Information does not include information which:
    • Is in or comes into the public domain without breach of this Agreement ,
    • Was in the possession of the Ambassador prior to receipt from the Owner and was not acquired by the Ambassador from the Owner under an obligation of confidentiality or non-use,
    • Is acquired by the Ambassador from a third party not under an obligation of confidentiality or non-use to the Owner, or
    • Is independently developed by the Ambassador without use of any Confidential Information of the Owner.
    • As the Ambassador will be in discussion about strategy and business details which needs to be kept totally confidential and not be disclosed at any point of time.


  • Parties hereby agree the use of all Intellectual Property Rights in any works containing or comprising of Intellectual Property of rights created in the course of the provision of the Products or Services which are created during the period of this Agreement.
  • Neither party will own the Intellectual Property rights of the other party
  • Parties agree they have no rights of ownership of any Intellectual Property rights of the other Party.
  • "Intellectual Property Rights" shall mean any patents, trademarks, registered designs, applications for any of those rights, trade and business names, unregistered trademarks, copyright, database rights, know-how rights in designs and inventions and any related or similar rights in any jurisdiction. "Intellectual Property" shall be construed accordingly.


  • If any provision of this Agreement including Appendices or part thereof should to any extent be or become invalid or unenforceable, the parties shall agree upon any necessary amendment of the Agreement in order to achieve the interests and objectives of the parties prevailing at the time of execution of the Agreement.


  • If there is a disagreement between the Parties arising out of this Agreement, it will be resolved in good faith through an arbitrator in London, United Kingdom to be selected by the Parties. The arbitrator's decision may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.
  • No arbitration can be commenced and no Parties can be found to be in breach of this Agreement unless they have been given written notice identifying the breach and a Thirty-day (30 day) opportunity to cure it.


  • The laws of the United Kingdom will govern this Agreement, without reference to rules governing choice of laws.
  • You may not assign this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without our prior written consent.
  • Subject to that restriction, this Agreement will be binding on, inure to the benefit of, and be enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns.
  • Our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to subsequently enforce such a provision or any other provision of this Agreement.


  • Either Party may terminate the Ambassador relationship at any time.
  • You are only eligible to earn Ambassador Payments during your time as an approved Ambassador.
  • Owner may change the program or service policies and operating procedures at any time.

Ambassador Program Rules

1 .An Ambassador helps customers, gives advice, raises awareness of Owner's product and services, supports its reputation and motivates to purchase.

Ambassadors use all possibilities to answer any relevant questions of potential consumers on behalf the client. They make every effort to support the good reputation of the brand on the Internet towards the target group of potential or current customers.

2 .An Ambassador always uses their true identity.If possible ambassadors use their full name or known name in a profile related to any discussion.

3 .An Ambassador publicly declares their affiliation with the Owner's product and services and does not hide it in any discussion. In personal profiles of websites, an ambassador clearly declares their affiliation with the Owner's product and services and what their task is (e.g. I am a BMW Global Ambassador , I promote them while I am doing what I enjoy – I am trying to help others get the maximum information and no leave no questions unanswered). The Ambassador may have several interests but is always clear with customers that they are promoting the Owner's product and services in all situations where it is appropriate. Whenever possible, they use it for the benefit of the customer – they can provide unique information, help customers dealing with the problem etc.

4 .An Ambassador does their best to know the product and services they represent. The knowledge about the product and the target group is proactively deepened throughout the work. The information from the Owner's websites and social media accounts is useful. If an Ambassador is not satisfied with the active support of the client – for example, the client has not provided up to date and complete information or has not been reacting to questions over a long-term period – they will discuss the situation with the Owner's management. Similarly, if the client is not satisfied the Owner's management will discuss openly with the Ambassador and seek a swift remedy.

5 .Within their work, an Ambassador subjectively does not compare the product or service of the Owner's or client's competitors; Owner's or client's rivals are neither evaluated subjectively nor criticised. Ambassador's are not allowed to attack other products, advertisers or advertisements and to discredit these products, advertisers or advertising either directly or indirectly. An Ambassador is not allowed to disparage the value of products of other advertisers, either directly or indirectly.

6 . An Ambassador always tells the truth.
If an Ambassador does not have information and thus is not able to help or advise, they will apologize and do their best to ensure that the information will be discovered and then transmitted to the user in the shortest possible time. Ambassador's posts should not contain any personal recommendations or supporting claims and must not refer to them; if such recommendations or supporting claims were not true, or if these were not linked to personal experience of the Ambassador. Personal recommendation shall not contain any statement on the effects of the product or service unless there is a reliable evidence of such effects.

7 .An Ambassador works so that they have not and will never infringe the reputation of the client or the Owners product and services.
Their work is always aimed at the benefit of the client and the project. They do not add posts only to increase the number of mentions or reactions without any purpose. Ambassadors shall follow the rules of the communication without any exceptions according to general accepted practices. They do not misuse information about the Owner for their own benefit maintaining the confidentiality of information for internal purposes.

8 .An Ambassador follows the rules and terms of use of any discussion and website they add posts to.
Each website that includes online discussion (e.g. LinkedIn.com,Twitter.com or Facebook.com) has its own rules, which are required to be followed. An Ambassador is obliged to follow these instructions. Particular attention should be paid to the Facebook profile setting according to the Facebook Guidelines profile setting.

9 .An Ambassador reports any activity to the Owner. In the case of obtaining important information the client has to be informed without delay.
An Ambassador is obliged to record all their activities related to work for the client using their own methods. An Ambassador is expected to report relevant activities to the Owner. Where client contacts are likely to impact on large groups, including corporations, institutes and governments etc, Ambassador will discuss in detail prior to making contact with the client. Such discussions are likely to be of strategic importance.